VW Camper & Commercial 112

VW Camper & Commercial 112
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February really is a ‘month too far’

It might only last 28 days, but it is 28 days of winter dullness that no-one wants.

In order to try to raise all of our spirits, we look back to some fun under the Volkswagen sun from the end of last year, including Brighton Breeze, Busfest
and Beach Buggin’ amongst others.

Bus wise, we feature a spectacular ’58 Custom Panel Van. A ten-year project with only the shell remaining original. Powered by a 1600cc four-pot Porsche from the 912, (the uprated version of what was in the 356). As standard this motor
used to redline at 5,800rpm.

It is no longer standard...

Then we’ve a fascinating 1964 Split which started life as a 9 window bus, then went through a phase of having 11. It is now fitted with 21!

The cover bus is a ‘72 crossover with a one-off interior that has been created by
All Things Timber and Bromsgrove Auto Trim.

Our gorgeous burnt Orange T4 began as the ubiquitous tatty builder’s van bought
for a song, it has been transformed into a thing of beauty.

To please fans of originality, there are also two stockers; a T3 Autohomes Komet owned, kept packed & ready to camp and used as intended for the past fourteen years.  And finally an immaculate ‘76 Campmobile with everything original,
intact and pristine, right down to the upholstered box seat.