VW Camper & Commercial 113

VW Camper & Commercial 113
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Prepare to travel back in time with three of our bus features this issue; a 1966 Bachert Fire Truck in original paint, totally stock, fully equipped, fully functioning including mobile water pump sets the tone, and for something even more rare how about a untouched, original 1970 Holdsworth Bay conversion - one family owner, all fixtures and fittings intact ... unmodified bliss. The third generation is represented by a classic 1989 Westfalia California conversion with mint interior and original equipment (though it does have a Sharan engine and Audi gearbox ..ssssh!).

Mixing original exterior and interior custom is a 1967 SO 42, though faded and worn and scruffy in places, the original patina and paint is what gives this bus its charm. And though the featured T4 may be relatively “new”, its two tone paint and retro diner interior recreates a modern take on a classic 50s look. Finally stand by for something totally wild – a full on custom Bay which combines up to the minute modifications with 70s Hot Rod styling including suicide doors!

We check out the lure of riding the circuit at Le Bug Show, Spa Francorchamps – water guns are optional but packing your Dub with as many passengers as possible is obligatory! Sample the delights of the water of life at Speyside distilleries, check out the show field gems at Harewood House, experience an Endless Summer and join US musician Dave Manning as he road trips round Britain fitting in four shows in four weeks and gives us his take on the UK festival experience (and driving on our roads!) And for a real bit of nostalgia, Brochure Line takes us Safely to School – in a Samba!