VW Camper & Commercial 118

VW Camper & Commercial 118
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And the nights are beginning to draw in...


It's time to treat yourself to our latest issue which includes stock and custom buses, ranging from a mind-bending T3 with 160 bhp Passat four pot diesel and Range Rover derived air suspension, to a glorious '71 Microbus that the owner has just 'fixed up'.

Barndoor buffs are in for a treat with a fully restored Australian 1954 Kombi that blends stock with some very subtle custom styling. 

There's a lovely '69 Campmobile with an impeccable pedigree; All Things Timber, Bromsgrove Auto Trim and Red 9 combine to bring a custom twist to this otherwise stock bus, whilst a 1960 former Microbus, still in its original Mango Green / Seagull grey paint features a LHD reproduction of an early Devon interior. Finally our T4 has been created and built by the owner himself around the needs of his growing family.


There is another epic Travel series as Jarrod (of Campervan Culture) and his family head off to explore the Arctic in their syncro, whilst closer to home Dave checks out the Three Cliffs Bay campsite in the Gower and Simon visits Somerset to witness Clubs Unite on the Beach.