Dave Richards

In ’83 Dave went to his first Volkswagen festival and two years later became involved with a fat chick. A yellow VW1303 that although much faster now than when they met, still remains stubbornly in his garage. Subsequently Dave has failed at; Life assurance, Mortgage broking and with much spectacularity, Logistics.

Somewhat unexpectedly in ’96, he bought a ’79 Camper to keep for a year and to see how he got on with it. He still has that same Camper which was used as his daily for 15 years until he bought an ’87 Scirocco to save money on fuel. Not one to sell cars regularly, his fair wife still commutes in the same Porsche 944 that she has used for the last 20 years. It now has more than a quarter of a million miles on the clock.

An old hand now at festivals and shows. He is a particularly skilled and enthusiastic camper. You could find him somewhere in a field, under a candelabra, drinking a fine Chablis and wearing evening dress, way back in the last century. Long before the term ‘glamping’ was first muttered.

In 2003 he returned to complete the Fine Art degree he had abandoned some 20 years previously and emerged with a string of successful short films. One was featured on the BBC website and another was shown at Tate Britain. It was around this point that his barefoot cookery character was born, and the nice folk at Jazz have subsequently given him a chance to develop it further."