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VW Camper & Commercial 99
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Despite the long awaited launch of the new T6 Transporter, 2015 was not a good year for VW with the emissions debacle. However there was some good news for VW when, in November, the T6 was named as “International Van of the Year 2016” by an international jury of 24 commercial vehicle journalists, the third time that the Volkswagen Transporter has won this coveted prize. So they are doing something right!

There’s a bit of show special this issue, with coverage of five very different shows: Busfest, Endless Summer and VW Festival Leeds in the UK, Le Bug Show in Belgium, and three 3 shows in one weekend in the USA (Blackstar, Octo and El Prado). We also continue the epic adventure in Morocco as the syncros take on deserts, mountains, dry river beds and more!

To co-incide with the release of the new Star Wars film we have a very special T4 this issue—meet the AT-TT (All Terrain Troop Transport)—a Star Wars themed bus designed to carry Imperial Stormtroopers to charity fund raising events. The Star Wars bus and the Stormtroopers will be at Camper Mart in January—come and have your picture taken with them and check out the amazing graphics and artwork in the metal! We have some lovely original spec buses for your delight this issue—a fully intact and original 1972 Westfalia SO67R (South Africa’s own RHD version of the Campmobile), and to compare layouts we also have a classic 1971 Westfalia Campmobile fully restored to its original condition and exuding period charm. A 1966 Single Cab Pick Up, lovingly returned to original factory spec, bucks the trend to customise or modify classic buses and in contrast we have a custom 1966 Kombi that has been totally rebuilt and upgraded, including replacing every nut and bolt with stainless steel versions. Finally we have a T3 Autosleeper that has had an interior refresh but retains its original features combined with a top quality body refurbishment and external re-spray. In keeping with winter weather, this month’s Brochure line features a Split Snow Plough special body model—let’s just hope such a vehicle is not needed this winter!

Next issue sees a milestone for Camper & Commercial magazine, as it reaches issue 100! To mark this special occasion we have a very, very special prize – a mega bundle of all sorts of goodies that will put a smile on the face of any bus owner and family! So make sure you get hold of next issue and enter!

Finally can I wish you all a peaceful and prosperous 2016 and much fun with your bus.